Splash of Colors


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Handmade Ceramic Jewelry set with real 22 Karat liquid Gold applied on the front ceramic portion of the jewelry. Please note the reverse of the pendant is also GLAZED and will be smooth finish just like the front part!

The set comes with 2 Earrings; 1 Pendant Necklace; & 1 Alma Artte Satin Pouch with Lining. You won’t find a better deal than this anywhere else 🙂

Adjustable 12 inches chain with hook!

Can be worn with any dress & occasion. These are very light and comfortable to wear even though these are made with ceramic. Hand glazed & painted and very durable!!! The shapes are individually hand cut, dried, sanded, then bisque fired to 1800 Fahrenheit. These are then glazed and fired again to around 2200 Fahrenheit. After, these are carefully painted with 22K gold lustre, and fired for a final time to around 800 Fahrenheit.

Ship in a nice-looking Alma Artte satin pouch so they can be a beautiful gift to someone special.